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About Us

NSC was established, with their corporate head quarters in Bangkok-Thailand, on 22nd August, 2003, and has become a leading concern in trading within a short span of time with its diversified line up of products to support the Steel, Textile and Plastic industry.

NSCs success has been built on a consistent strategy that emphasizes size and scale, vertical integration, product diversity, continuous growth in higher value products and a strong customer focus.

The Group has unique geographical and product diversification which reduces exposure to risk and cyclicity and responds to one of our core values: Sustainability.

NSC intends to continue to play a leading role in the consolidation of the global industry and to be the global leader in the steel, Textile and Plastic industry, in particular through this comprehensive business strategy.

We know that our position in the industry brings unique responsibilities. We are committed to setting globally recognized standards with the needs of future generations in mind.

Our goal is to provide the leadership that will transform tomorrow's steel industry. We have a clear vision of the future, underpinned by a consistent set of values.

We are guiding the evolution of steel, Textile and Plastic to secure the best future for the industry and for generations to come.

Our commitment to the world around us extends beyond the bottom line, to include the people in whom we invest, the communities we support and the world in which we operate. This long-term approach is central to our business philosophy.

We look beyond today to envision the products of tomorrow.

Because quality outcomes depend on quality people, we seek to attract and nurture the best people to deliver superior solutions to our customers.

We are visionary thinkers, creating opportunities every day.

This entrepreneurial spirit brought us to the forefront of the steel, Textile and Plastic industry. Now, we are moving beyond what the world expects of these industries.

Close cooperation with customers - involving mutual trust, an open-minded approach and permanent exchanges of personnel - helps foster the spirit of innovation, enabling us to develop the products and solutions that will meet their ever-growing demands.
Over the longer term, we continue to work at Cutting-edge products, solutions and process technologies.


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